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Security automation

Scarce resources and manual processes make it challenging to meet network change SLAs. The pace of change increases the risk of human error. Learn how to improve your security efficacy with automation.

Time is money

Do you want to reduce mean time to resolution?

Easily prioritize multiple remediation options and choose the best ones to meet your needs.

The volume of requests can make it difficult to meet SLAs.

Automate simple tasks to fast-track SLAs. Develop an automated cross-functional ticketing process to ensure accurate and effective policy updates.

Reduce your time and effort associated with change management processes.

Identify business risk faster. Automate data collection across disparate security solutions to gain visibility across your entire attack surface and security stack.

Get visibility into optimal vulnerability remediation options to improve operational efficiency and ensure maximum risk reduction.

Automate your way to accuracy

Maintaining compliance is difficult due to manual processes and human error.

Reduce errors with automated workflows. Model your network to automate policy audits and device configurations.

It is difficult to understand the impact of changes due to ever-evolving regulations and internal best practices.

Validate changes before you make them and automatically recertify rules to ensure access is still valid.

Complex environments with multiple vendors and technologies make it difficult to manage change across the network.

Automate workflows across multiple vendors and tools to manage multi-vendor environments more accurately.

Leverage security automation to boost IT and cybersecurity team efficiency

Do you need to reduce operational costs?

Do you need to reduce operational costs?

Utilize your resources more effectively, reduce re-work, and avoid downtime. With a network model, you can zero in on what matters. Evaluate security control efficacy, identify true exposure, and understand compliance risk.

Highly skilled cybersecurity resources are hard to come by. Yet, cybercrime is growing more sophisticated by the day.

Drive efficiencies across your team. With a multi-dimensional model, you can create a central view across your networks, so your team doesn’t waste valuable time looking in disparate places for data.

Do you need to free up human resources to advance key business initiatives?

Use scarce resources more efficiently. With insight and context, you prioritize people to deliver impactful business outcomes.

Zero in on what matters with a network model to reduce cyber exposure.

Feed the need for speed

Are your recommendations being implemented fast enough?

Reduce risk and prevent misconfigurations. Automate aspects of your team workflows to speed time to implementation.

Extreme complexity makes it difficult to know where to focus efforts.

With a network model, you can conduct path analysis and attack simulation to focus your time closing the highest exposure risks.

How do you ensure that your recommendations are correct in light of highly complex environments?

Improve security efficacy. Prioritize what firewall rules are enacted and in what order across multiple technologies from different vendors.

Recent research reveals a threat landscape that is expanding and diversifying at a dizzying rate.

See how we help you achieve exposure management.

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