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Skybox Research Lab, the threat intelligence experts

The Research Lab delivers comprehensive, actionable, and timely threat intelligence to power the Skybox Continuous Exposure Management Platform.

The heart of Skybox’s threat intelligence service

A team of security experts, the Skybox Research Lab evaluates the latest vulnerabilities and threats from around the globe. They scour dozens of security sources daily and track emerging risks to provide current, analyst-validated threat intelligence. This data is aggregated into the Skybox Threat Intelligence Service and fed into our Continuous Exposure Management Platform. And when a patch is not imminent, the lab team also includes optimal approaches to remediation and alternative compensating controls in the Skybox Vulnerability and Threat Management solution.

Details include the preconditions required for exploitation, the effects of the vulnerabilities, and other critical information necessary for security teams to understand threat topography and the potential ways it could present a risk to their organization. This information gives customers valuable insight about the vulnerabilities being exploited by various malware types in the wild.

Analyst-validated threat intelligence as a service

With the high volume of new vulnerabilities in the wild, today’s organizations need a threat intelligence service to keep them up to date. The Skybox Research Lab continuously monitors and analyzes thousands of vulnerabilities, along with the latest data on exploits and malware, to identify the most likely ones to impact customers’ networks and assets. The vulnerability data is then enriched with critical contextual information, including:

  • The pre-condition for exploitation (i.e., you need X service, Y permission, etc.)
  • The expected effect of an exploit
  • The list of known exploits (POC codes, malware, ransomware, etc.)
  • The priority-related data (ex. CISA KEV)
  • The EPSS score

This information helps Skybox customers more accurately prioritize both vulnerabilities and solutions; it also informs them of how many occurrences of a vulnerability exist across their organization, calculates the exposure level of each asset to the relevant attack vector, and provides them with a custom-made risk score based on these factors. With this information, organizations are better able to manage their exposure to cyber threats.

See the comprehensive list of 35+ threat feeds:

Expert insights on the latest threats

Beyond their pivotal contributions to the Skybox Platform, the Research Lab team also authors frequent threat intelligence articles examining the newest CVEs and how to mitigate risk, and other relevant vulnerability topics.
The Lab also provides the research, analysis, and expertise that drive our annual Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report.

See how the Skybox Research Lab can help you stay better protected.

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