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Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report 2023

New findings reveal a rapidly shifting threat landscape. Our annual Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report takes an in-depth look at the forces that are reshaping cybersecurity around the world.

Read report to:
  • Get detailed intelligence from our cybersecurity analysts.
  • Read the latest statistics, facts, and figures on vulnerabilities, exploits, and attacks.
  • Stay informed on current malware trends.
  • Understand the evolving threat landscape and its impacts on your organization.
  • Find out how forward-thinking organizations are using continuous exposure management to reduce risks and protect their businesses.

New Vulnerabilities over 5 years

Analyzing a host of data and statistics from our own research labs as well as public databases and third parties, this year‘s report reveals a threat landscape in rapid transition. Many of the threat trends of recent years are accelerating. New vulnerabilities are surging, breaking all previous records. Cyberattacks are increasing in frequency and destructiveness. Malicious exploits and actors are getting more sophisticated and are employing more powerful tools and more advanced tactics such as advanced persistent threats (APTs). Malware is evolving accordingly, with an increasing focus on backdoor attacks.

While the cybercrime industry has advanced dramatically, cybersecurity has sometimes lagged behind. Many security teams are hamstrung by aging tools, labor shortages, and growing regulatory overhead. In addition to examining the changing nature of cyber threats, the Skybox report explores how leading cybersecurity organizations are using new, more pragmatic solutions to identify and stem cyber risks while streamlining workloads and unburdening staff.

Download your free copy of the report to see key findings and recommendations to better secure your business and make the most of limited resources.
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