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Security Policy

Collect, normalize, and optimize network and security data for comprehensive visibility, control, and insights. Increase time to value and reduce your operational burden with Firewall Assurance and Network Assurance Cloud Edition modules, the first complete SaaS offer for managing security policy in hybrid environments.”

Our solution

We make complex policy management easier, faster, and more effective.

  • Automate change management workflows for comprehensive risk assessments.
  • Improve cyber hygiene and risk management with centralized, optimized firewall management.
  • Get total visibility and contextual intelligence across complex hybrid networks.

Follow the rules

Are your firewall rule sets bloated?

Clean up outdated rules to increase firewall efficiency.

It is challenging to understand what rules are in place when extending the network or adding new environments.

Get visibility into what rules you have in place. With a network model, you can easily analyze access to identify overly permissive rules.

Avoid impacting network performance because of ambiguity about which rules to fix.

View customized reports that identify which rules need to be updated. Easily prioritize and fix rules with greater precision.

Establish best-in-class rule recertification processes.

Automation to the rescue

Manual processes make it difficult to manage the volume of outdated rules.

Increase network performance and improve firewall efficiency by using automation to clean up old rules.

When asked to do regression analysis, it is challenging to determine which rule is non-compliant.

Complete root cause analysis faster. Automate rule-recertification to deprovision rules that are not valid.

Are you concerned that someone might accidently open access to your network and increase risk of a breach?

Automate your workflows to reduce the chance of misconfigurations.

Identify configuration weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Change is hard

Manual changes make it difficult to meet SLAs

Automate simple changes to fast-track mundane tasks. Enable your resources to focus on solving critical business challenges.

Do you worry about falling into non-compliance because changes were not verified?

Reduce audit prep cost and hidden cost of non-compliance. Automatically assess changes against compliance requirements.

Complex environments with multiple vendors and disparate technologies make it difficult to manage change.

Save time and money by centralizing security change management processes in one place and automating workflows.

Reduce systemic cybersecurity risk with context-aware change management.

Complex networks create complex security problems

Shadow IT and functional silos create complexity as various groups spin up new rules.

Model your hybrid network to gain context and understanding of all configurations and security controls in place.

Complexity and lack of network visibility makes it difficult to adapt to new business requirements.

Create agility in your network. With greater network understanding and context, you can develop coordinated cross-functional workflow processes.

It is difficult to secure multiple hybrid environments with a broad array of technologies.

Navigate complexity and reduce the need to be an expert in everything. Collect, normalize, and optimize all the policies from disparate solutions across your network.

Reduce cyber exposure with a network model.

Featured integrations

Maintain compliance and consistent policy management with deep integrations across your networks. Leverage multi-vendor integrations to collect and normalize data from across your security and network infrastructure. Optimize security policies and efficiently manage change processes across all corporate networks and cloud environments.

See how we help you achieve exposure management.

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