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Skybox integrations

Our integrations give you visibility across your technology ecosystem. You can obtain continuous compliance and easily identify exposure because you understand the relationships between key data sources and the network.

Continuous exposure management integration ecosystem

We integrate with the greatest breadth of data sources from disparate environments to power our Continuous Exposure Management Platform and multi-dimensional network model.

Skybox Cloud Edition — The first complete SaaS offer for managing security policy in hybrid environments. The most flexible deployment choices for vulnerability risk prioritization.

The Skybox Platform consumes a large breadth of data from integrations with major vulnerability scanners, configuration databases, asset management systems, network infrastructure, cloud technologies, and OT systems. These rich data sets enable continuous compliance, accurate risk scoring, exposure-based vulnerability prioritization, and precise remediation. Our extensive integrations give IT and security teams the ability to visualize and analyze hybrid, multi-cloud, and OT networks, providing full understanding of their attack surface and insights needed to reduce exposure to cyber-attacks.

Vulnerability Scanners and Vulnerability Data
Endpoint Security and Extended Detect and Response
Configuration Management
Public Cloud Platforms (Platform as a service or PaaS)
Asset Configuration and Management
Network/Data Center Infrastructure
IT Service Management and SOAR
Cloud Security Technologies
Operational Technology Security
Firewall and IPS Infrastructure

Security and network technology vendor integrations

We integrate with key product portfolios from the industry’s most prominent security and technology vendors.

Azure, AWS, VMWare, Oracle, Splunk, Claroty, Cisco, Microsoft, CheckPoint, Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, Zscaler, and more. We collect, normalize, and optimize data from these products to provide you with a unified view and context across your entire security estate.

Download the integrations datasheet:

Public and private cloud integrations

We integrate with the major public and private cloud infrastructure platforms and with various emerging cloud security technologies, providing you with complete visibility across hybrid environments.

Our integrations with public and private cloud infrastructure platforms and various cloud technologies provide businesses with insights needed to ensure secure and consistent expansion across hybrid environments. You can merge and analyze traditional infrastructure data with data from emerging multi-cloud environments to optimize security controls, eliminate misconfigurations, and reduce exposure to risk.