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Network Assurance

Get total visibility and contextual intelligence across complex hybrid networks.

Product features and benefits

Connect and correlate

Collect and normalize data from all L3 network devices, public and private clouds, software–defined data centers, and OT networks. Correlate all access control lists, security tags, routing rules, NATs, proxies, VPNs, and more. Troubleshoot network connectivity problems and identify root causes.

Analyze and audit

Analyze network configurations, network paths, and application connectivity and access from any source and to any destination. Automate compliance tasks and validate requirements for network configurations, security zone policies, network zones, routers, and switches. Understand policy translations across complex multi–cloud and hybrid network environments.

Detect and protect

Gain visibility of your cyber risk exposure with end–to–end path analysis across traditional, cloud, and OT networks. Uncover potential attack vectors and reduce your attack surface. Identify vulnerabilities and exposures within your hybrid network infrastructure and mitigate potential exploits leveraging Skybox Threat Intelligence.

Introducing Skybox Network Assurance Cloud Edition

The first complete SaaS-offer for managing security policy in hybrid-environments

Protect your cloud journey

Scalable, modern, cloud-enabled solution for unprecedented attack surface visibility.

Increase time-to-value

Easier onboarding and seamless upgrades for instant access to our latest innovations.

Reduce operational burden

Relieve your valuable technical resources of server-maintenance and software-installation responsibilities.

Take advantage of the first complete SaaS offer for managing security policy and vulnerability risk prioritization in hybrid environments with these scalable, modern solutions.

Build a network model across hybrid, multi-cloud, and OT networks

Skybox Network Assurance creates a visual model of physical and cloud networks so you can understand how traffic moves between any two points in the hybrid infrastructure. Visualize and interact with your entire network topology, assets, and security controls.

  • Understand network topology, assets, controls, and vulnerabilities.
  • Determine reachability between networks and network zones.
  • Validate protections and identify exposure risks.

Conduct path analysis across hybrid networks

Network Assurance analyzes network paths and application connectivity from any source and to any destination, detailing devices and rules along the path. Troubleshoot network connectivity and identify root causes of network outages to ensure business continuity and continuous uptime.

  • Emulate detailed network paths across all environments.
  • Improve change request and recertification processes.
  • Simulate network attacks.

Network device vulnerability detection

Network Assurance passively collects vulnerability data for network security devices (firewalls, IPS/IDS, etc.) and for network infrastructure devices (routers, switches, load balancers, etc.) to ensure that vulnerability analysis and the ensuing prioritization and remediation efforts are effective.

  • Collect and normalize configuration data from network devices across all environments.
  • Leverage contextual threat intelligence data.
  • Determine ideal remediation strategies.

Hybrid network configuration analysis and compliance

Network Assurance automatically collects and normalizes data from all layer 3 devices, public and private clouds, and OT networks. Keep security zones and device configurations in continuous compliance and reduce your attack surface.

  • Collect and normalize data from layer 3 devices.
  • Correlate data to determine whether to block or allow access.
  • Perform continuous compliance analysis.

Featured integrations

We integrate with all major networking vendors. With our integrations, you can collect and normalize data from all L3 network devices, public and private clouds, software–defined data centers and OT networks.

See how we help you achieve exposure management.

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