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Skybox Security named Market Leader in Risk-based Vulnerability Management by Global InfoSec Awards at RSA 2022

Selected for industry-leading vulnerability assessment, vulnerability remediation, and risk-based vulnerability management.

June 6, 2022
News summary
  • Industry’s most advanced vulnerability management solution empowers customers to identify cyber risk exposure and calculate the potential financial impact of cyberattacks
  • Skybox Security also wins Editor’s Choice Award for Vulnerability Assessment, Remediation, and Management
  • Awards honor most innovative and valuable global cybersecurity companies

Skybox Security, a global leader in Security Posture Management, is proud to announce we have won the following awards from Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM) during this week’s RSA Conference:

  • Market Leader Risk-based Vulnerability Management (RBVM)
  • Editor’s Choice Vulnerability Assessment, Remediation, and Management

The Global InfoSec Awards are one of the most prestigious and coveted cybersecurity awards globally. This year’s independent panel of judges featured top infosec experts from around the globe, including CISSP, FMDHS, CEH, and certified security professionals. Skybox Security was selected for its industry-leading solution with best-in-class return on investment, innovating in unexpected ways that mitigate cyber risk, helping customers prevent breaches, and deep understanding of the modern threat landscape.

We scoured the globe looking for cybersecurity innovators that could make a huge difference and potentially help turn the tide against the exponential growth in cybercrime. Skybox Security is absolutely worthy of these coveted awards and consideration for deployment in your environment."
Yan Ross | Editor Cyber Defense Magazine

The industry’s most advanced and accurate vulnerability management

The Skybox Vulnerability and Threat Management Solution calculates the industry’s most accurate risk score by combining five critical variables. The Skybox risk score is tailored to each customer’s unique business logic and risk profile.

1) Exploitability – Skybox Research Lab, the company’s threat intelligence division, continuously tracks and analyzes vulnerabilities on thousands of products, along with the latest data on exploits and malware taking advantage of these vulnerabilities. Drawing on this research, the Skybox analysts identify the vulnerabilities most likely to impact customers’ networks and assets.

2) Exposure analysis – Attack path analysis uniquely identifies exploitable vulnerabilities and correlates them with customers’ specific network configurations and security controls to identify exposed vulnerabilities. Skybox can even identify non-exploitable vulnerabilities that pose a high risk due to a directly accessible or business-critical asset.

3) Asset importance – Skybox provides a more comprehensive view of an organization’s attack surface, including unknowns that traditional vulnerability scanners miss. It enables customers to see all assets through API integrations with existing tools, and identify the scope of vulnerabilities alongside security control gaps. Then, to accurately assess the severity of vulnerabilities and prioritize and remediate risk, the Skybox algorithm determines if the vulnerability exists on a mission-critical asset.

4) Cyber risk quantification – This new financial calculation enables customers to identify and prioritize the most critical threats based on the size of economic impact. CISOs can target mitigation strategies on the most significant risks based on the potential financial consequences to their business.

5) Severity – Regardless of the CVSS base score, Skybox automatically assigns exposed vulnerabilities a higher risk score. This allows organizations to go one step further into prioritization. For example, a CVSS 10 vulnerability with no exploit can be fixed after a vulnerability with the same CVSS value that is being actively exploited by common malware.

For full lifecycle vulnerability management, Skybox Security automatically identifies the most effective remediation options – including network-based compensating controls to supplement patches and software updates for a defense-in-depth approach. Then, the Skybox network model validates if risks are mitigated.

Only this comprehensive view of exposure across IT, operational technology, and cloud environments can uncover the most dangerous vulnerabilities before attackers exploit them. Through our industry-leading understanding of assets that are exposed and how they are connected via our network modeling technology, we enable customers to prioritize the most likely exploited vulnerabilities and pinpoint remediation options that reduce the most risk. Skybox Security delivers a foundation for improving any security program, especially when customers have to protect environments of growing complexity."
Gidi Cohen | Founder Skybox Security

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About Skybox Security

Over 500 of the largest and most security-conscious enterprises in the world rely on Skybox for the insights and assurance required to stay ahead of dynamically changing attack surfaces. Our SaaS-based Exposure Management Platform delivers complete visibility, analytics, and automation to quickly map, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities across your organization. The vendor-agnostic solution intelligently optimizes security policies, actions, and change processes across all corporate networks and cloud environments. With Skybox, security teams can now focus on the most strategic business initiatives while ensuring enterprises remain protected.

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