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BT discusses achieving compliance across hybrid networks

Cloud migration, transition to cloud services, and application transformation have increased cyber security risk. Maintain policy compliance across hybrid cloud networks.

Learn how to:
  • How to measure compliance in context.
  • Plan and analyze impact of changes across hybrid environment before you make them.
  • Automate the complex checks and balances across the hybrid infrastructure.
  • Automatically detect compliance violations.
  • Easily adjust policies as business requirements evolve.
  • Identify high risk attack vectors given network topology and security.

Many enterprises struggle to gain an accurate view of compliance, both from a technical security policy and configuration perspective. To address this challenge, organizations must develop a process to manage, automate, and maintain compliance across complex hybrid and multi-cloud networks. In this webinar, BT and Skybox discuss how to automate complex processes and quickly identify risks and changes to security policies to achieve and maintain continuous compliance across your network.